A new beginning -Chapter 1.


“Sairah Noel Parker”, called out  Mrs.george,in a blunt tone.”Here”,replied a pale brunette .She had dark brown eyes,and a long complimenting nose.She was  wasn’t very tall.But not short either.She was wearing a quaint dress. Sairah always had  a different way of dressing.She was laughed at by her siblings,but that was okay.But today she wasn’t feeling very confident.Now that she was in high school,she was scared that the sibling taunts were nothing compared to what she might hear here.

She almost asked her sister for fashion advice this morning.We all know where that would lead.She would end up looking like a blond high school cheer-leader.On this thought,she reminded herself that a blonde high school cheer-leader is not  something to be made fun off.It was rude to labelize people like that.

Sairah was going through her mental notes to deal with high school.On the other side of Comet Hills,Austin was still in bed.

“Austin…Austin!!!!,Austin William James!,Get out of bed right now!”,Yelled a chubby petite blond woman.

“Mom,I am getting late”,called out a little boy from the kitchen downstairs, of the duplex house.”Austin,you are making your brother late too,get out of bed and get ready for school right now!”,said Mrs.George,with irritation.

“Okay”,moaned  Austin, rubbing his eyes,as he got out of bed.Austin had brown eyes,with a hint of green.His hair were blonde.And he was in pretty good shape for a teenager.He looked like a giant when he stood in front of his mom,who looked at him impatiently.”Faster,Austin!We are already late”,she said.

A few minutes later they were all in the car,leaving for school.

As the car went out the same route it did everyday,Austin looked out of the window looking at people rushing to work.Many of them waved at his mom.Comet Hills was a small town in South India,where nobody was a stranger.Many years ago, a small group of immigrants from Iran had made Comet Hills their home.

Austin’s dad Mr.James was the owner of a small motel in town,The Ridge.And the motel was quite successful,making Austin’s dad one of the rich guys in town.It was Austin’s first day of high school,but he wasn’t that excited about it.”A few more years,and I am out of here”,he thought to himself.

And the car slowly drove to,Comet High.


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  2. photosbyrola · September 15, 2015

    hi love the image 1st idea very nice. i guess it might be cos am a very visual person

    Liked by 1 person

  3. photosbyrola · September 15, 2015

    hi, i love the lay out with the image coming up 1st. the image is very beautiful and catching. i guess it cos am a visual person.

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  4. sarahbruso · September 16, 2015

    Nice beginning! A story like this has a lot of potential. I wish you the best of luck as you continue to work on it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • SabahBatul. · September 16, 2015

      Thank you so much for that..I hope I can take the story in the direction I want to:)
      I have read a few posts of yours,and I really enjoyed it:)
      If you would,please follow the blog.Your feedback would be valuable:)

      Liked by 1 person

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